5 Elements of a High-End Custom Home

If there’s anything we’ve learned since establishing Stratti Building Group, it’s that creating a high-end home is a truly unique experience – one client’s definition of absolute luxury may be completely different to another.

Of course, in saying that, there are certain features that will elevate your home from simply functional to completely bespoke in an instant – be it a stone benchtop, dual bathroom basins or a stylish outdoor living area. Keep reading to discover five must-have elements of a high-end custom home.

Kitchen Island

One of the first places you should invest to achieve a high-end home is the kitchen, as this is the epicentre of the home.

To give your kitchen a truly luxurious feel, consider incorporating an island bench into your design. Not only will this give you additional space for meal prep, it will also add a touch of elegance to the space. It’s also extremely beneficial for those who like to host friends and family, as it provides a comfortable space for guests to enjoy while you whip up a feast or mix up some drinks.

If you’re willing to take it a step further, consider using marble or stone for your island benchtop – this is guaranteed to transform your space from modest to high-end.

Black Tapware

A high-end home always showcases carefully selected, top quality fixtures that are designed to satisfy.

One design trend that we’re seeing more frequently in high-end homes is black tapware, as it beautifully contrasts with a bright white basin. Black tapware also offers some playful flexibility with different colour palettes and finishes and allows you to add character to the space.

Black tapware seems to be as popular as the classic chrome or stainless-steel taps that have had a timeless appeal over the years. In short, black ticks the box for a sleek, luxurious look.

Dual Basins

When you think of a high-end bathroom, what comes to mind? We’re certain it’s not a vanity with a single basin! If you have enough space, a bathroom with a dual basin improves the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, making it look a far more luxurious.

Apart from giving your bathroom a more lavish look and feel, it also offers added storage and will save time and stress in the rush of the morning. The appeal of a dual basin is also advantageous if you plan on selling your home down the road.

Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces

Aside from high-quality fixtures and kitchen islands, a bespoke high-end home should have breathing space. Outdoor living is a huge part of the luxury home market and a lavish home should have a stunning outdoor space to match.

Your outdoor living space can either be a seamless extension of your living room or a completely independent and highly function outdoor living area, which may include a kitchen and bar. You can also consider incorporating spacious balconies to upstairs bedrooms to add additional outdoor living to your home.

If you love spending time outdoors or entertaining guests, and want to achieve the high-end home status, an indoor-outdoor living space is the way to go.

Stone Benchtops

Few features have the ability to elevate the feel of a home like stone benchtops, which is why they are a must have in a luxury kitchen or bathroom. Stone benchtops are high-tech, high-quality and staples in any high-end home design, and enhance both the natural light and ambiance of the space.

Whether you’re using marble, granite, limestone or quartz onyx, investing in a stone kitchen island will transform your space from functional to fantastic.


If you’re ready to bring your own bespoke, high-end home to life in Sydney, get in touch with the expert team at Stratti Building Group today