About Stratti Building

Stratti Building Group has been providing clients throughout Sydney with high-end homes since 2012.

Our Story

We specialise in creating architectural custom homes, boutique commercial spaces and renovations that redefine the meaning of ‘bespoke’.

Stratti Building Group’s founder and director Robbie Stratti discovered his passion for innovative construction in 2008, while spending eight months building a community village in East Africa with his father. As he honed his carpentry skills, he also developed an innate ability to ‘think outside the box’, finding quick and effective solutions when conventional modern building techniques were unavailable. This invaluable experience sparked Robbie’s passion for building, and Stratti Building Group was born in 2012.


Unrivalled creativity and craftsmanship

Inspired by his time in Africa, Robbie set out with a strong desire to provide clients throughout Sydney with homes characterised by unrivalled creativity and craftmanship. The aim has always been to push the limits of what a bespoke builder can offer by choosing a forward-thinking, solution-based and ‘zero-limits’ creative approach. By combining highly personalised service with technical skills and a uniquely open-minded approach, Stratti Building Group has earned a reputation as the perfect partner for clients and architects that desire quality without compromise.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to be recognised for our work in the form of numerous industry awards and nominations. These include:

  • Winner of the 2023 Master Builders NSW ‘Young Builder of the Year’
  • Winner of the 2023 Master Builders NSW ‘Restorations & Additions $6m and over’
  • Finalist in the 2023 Master Builders NSW ‘Contract House $2.1m – $2.2m’
  • Winner of 2021 Master Builders NSW ‘Alterations & Additions $2.2 – $2.4m’
  • Finalist in the 2021 Master Builders NSW ‘Alterations & Additions $1.8m – $2m’
  • Winner of 2019 Master Builders NSW ‘Renovation & Extension $1 – $1.1m’
  • Finalist in 2019 & 2021 Master Builders NSW ‘Young Builder of the Year’

From its inception in 2012, Stratti has grown into a 20-strong team that’s continuously expanding and evolving. Robbie’s creative collaboration and unique eye for detail has built a fantastic reputation and strong relationships with clients and architects alike – something he will always credit to that life-changing visit to Africa.

17 Grandview Grove Seaforth - Kitchen

Our Team

If there’s one thing our team loves, it’s a challenge. Your wildest dreams, most creative designs and ambitious requests are exactly what keep us motivated to deliver results you’d never imagined possible.

Our friendly and open-minded team will dispel the idea that building a high-end home is a high-stress experience by keeping you involved at every stage of the process.

We champion collaboration and thrive working with people who share our values of uncompromising quality and limitless creativity. When you choose to work or build with us, you will be treated as a creative partner, right from concept to completion.

Our processes are underpinned by comprehensive training and an unrivalled eye for detail, resulting in a level of craftsmanship that distinguishes and delights. We will only work with architects and collaborators who share this passion for quality without compromise.

Most importantly, we’ll enthusiastically take on every challenge to achieve a result that never compromises your original vision but improves on it instead. We pride ourselves on fostering a positive, problem-solving attitude that seeks to make any build possible.


Choosing Stratti Building Group to build your new home is made an easy decision by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who will be your first point of contact.

Before you can turn your vision for your new home into a reality, there are a number of steps you must undertake to ensure the best result. Whether it be setting up a consultation, putting together a quote, or simply answering your questions regarding our expertise or the possibilities for your build, our team will make the journey seamless and stress-free from day one.

Our team possess an unrivaled eye for detail and a passion for collaboration. We understand that building a new home is a huge undertaking, and will go to every effort to make you feel comfortable and confident in the future of your build.

Robbie Stratti

Managing Director
MBA 2023 Young Builder Of The Year 

Dechao Liu

Project Manager

Lily Smith

Project Manager

Alexandra Horton

Office & Marketing Manager

Will Jones

Construction Manager

Ash Chapman

Site Manager

Dave Callaghan

Site Manager

Daniele Corso

Site Manager

Tyler Crosson

Leading Hand

Alex Simms

Leading Hand

Angus Stratton

On-Site Crew

Tim Taylor

On-Site Crew

Matt Taubman

On-Site Crew

Kyle Haynes

On-Site Crew

Keir Smith

On-Site Crew

Luca Mancuso

On-Site Crew


Our clients are the backbone of our business – which is why your input means so much to us. Take a look our client testimonials to find out why the people we work with value our unmatched creativity and passion for creating unique homes.