ECI (Early Contractor Involvement)

ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) is an agreement that enables clients to leverage a builder’s expertise early in the design process. Typically, this process commences anywhere between 24 to 3 months prior to a project commencing.

The ECI agreement allows Stratti Building to act as a consultant and integrated member of the team, working closely with the Architects, Engineers & Interior Designers, offering design assistance and valuable input into the scope of work right from the very beginning. It also helps to provide clarity and guidance on the project budget, timelines, and construction methodologies.  

Due to this collaborative approach, you will enter your project with improved risk management, a considered design accompanied by construction methodologies to facilitate this, and, most importantly, all parties aligned on expectations and outcomes. It is undoubtedly the ideal way to ensure a smooth project that meets your specific requirements.  

To explain further, we have outlined below some of the services that could be provided within an ECI agreement: 

Construction Methodology

  • Identify risks with construction and implement design with construction methodologies (ensuring your project is designed taking the ‘way it will be built’ into consideration) 
  • Formulate Detailed construction methodologies for each stage of your project  
  • Work with Traffic Management Company to establish TMP aligned with proposed Construction methodology 
  • Engage with specialist trades to discuss detailing, construction process and methodology 

Design Assistance

  • Attend site with Architects & Engineers to resolve details 
  • Perform inspections including removal of coverings, minor excavation/demolition (potholing), testing etc. to enable consultants to design without assumptions (preventing abortive works)  
  • Engage contractors to assist with design (Mechanical etc.)  

Scope Of Work

  • Visit site and assess the proposed works including access etc.  
  • Prepare a detailed Scope of Works to ensure all expectations are set and all inclusions/exclusions are clearly outlined 
  • Prepare subcontractor scope of works & meet with subcontractors to review your project and discuss in detail.  

Project Budget

  • Formulate a detailed bill of quantities specifically for your project, ensuring that the pricing you are given is up-to-date and current with the market 
  • Review contractor quotes and prepare recommendations  
  • Assess the cost of works budget against your ideal budget & identify any potential cost savings  
  • Value engineer project if required to ensure building methodologies are aligned with client budget and expectations  

Works Program

  • Prepare a preliminary works program to ensure the expectation on timeline is correct and reviewed considering site constraints. 


  • Assist with Construction Certificate required tasks  
  • Organise site safety elements such as Tiger tails to power lines (applications can be needed to be in place 6 x months ahead of requiring these onsite)  
  • Investigate and apply for relevant council permits to enable works to be completed in alignment with Construction Methodology