Maintenance is a great way to ensure your home stays in perfect shape, maintaining its condition and its value

It is also imperative to upkeep certain maintenance tasks to ensure your warranty periods remain valid. At Stratti Building Group, we believe that staying on top of maintenance will always pay off in the long run and ensure your home maintains its condition from handover for years to come.  

We recommend booking an initial assessment so that we can come out to spot anything that may need attention and formulate a maintenance package that suits your finishes and specific needs. 

Some of the maintenance procedures we may recommend:

  • Wood finishing, deck washing, sealing, cleaning, staining, and oiling  
  • Pressure washing/cleaning  
  • Gutter cleaning  
  • Concrete maintenance/sealing/re-sealing  
  • Pergola maintenance  
  • Checking/cleaning air vents  
  • Waterproofing 
  • Small repairs  
  • Resealing natural marble, granite, and stone.  
  • Render repair 
  • Painting  
  • Mechanical Services (A/C, lifts etc.)  
  • Checking safety aspects 

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